Iggleriv and the City of Secrets
By Biddlethumb Rhomblemouth, gentleman and scholar

Having proven his greatness and supremacy, Iggleriv the Supreme returned to Sharn a hero, as the wretched Vallo had further need of him. The creature’s superior, a veritable mountain of a man, had made many mistakes, as all men other than Iggleriv do. Iggleriv in his kindness pledged to erase all the man’s misdeeds and bring to light those who, being mere imperfect mortals themselves, tried to take advantage of the misdeeds of others.

Iggleriv knew that, mighty though he was, he could not bring to light these creatures, these foul monsters, these cruel villains on his own. And so with a heavy heart he sent away his loyal creations Flag and Aisha and tasked them with discovering the truth. And he did send away the creature Vallo as well, belaboring him with many words. Then did Iggleriv and his follower Nevakri journey in search of the truth as well.

The loyal creations of Iggleriv, those bearers of a fraction of his supreme power, Flag and Aisha, did succumb to weakness at this point. Both wished to know more of the world away from Iggleriv, and so they did journey to a tavern, there to taste the sweet nectar of mortality. And so they went, forsaking their mission. But as always, luck did shine down on the mighty Iggleriv and his companions. The tavern-owner, whose name cannot be spoken without defiling the mouth, did taunt the two, claiming that without their master, they were nothing. In retaliation, the two channeled the power of the mighty Iggleriv directly and laid waste to the tavern. The monstrous tavern-keep begged and pleaded to preserve his foul skin, providing information to those two lions of Iggleriv.

The creature Vallo, meanwhile, did his pathetic upbringing proud and did destroy the hearth and home of one who opposed Iggleriv. Long were the lamentations and pathetic the wailing, but Vallo did trust in Iggleriv and ere long had finished his task.

The mighty one himself did travel to the home of a weak and frail old woman. With a word, he restored the woman’s youth and in gratitude did reveal the name of the one who sought the downfall of the man-mammoth.

The Band did reconvene at the mighty mountain’s manor and did compare notes unnecessarily, as Iggleriv had siphoned the information from their minds. They journeyed to the dark tower of the evil one, slaughtering the unworthy as they passed. As they entered, the mighty evil one mocked them, foolishly. Iggleriv considered his opponent, then shattered the window and wall behind him and launched him into oblivion. To ensure the dark one’s demise, Aisha the Proud grabbed one of the monster’s filthy undead and leaped out of the window, steering the creature on top of the devil’s prone figure. The scourge had ended. Or had it?


Excerpts from the Sharn Inquisitive
13 Eyre: Watch Reports

Watchmen in our fair city received reports of a raid on a shipment of goods bound for House Cannith on 8 Eyre sometime in the early morning hours. Said one survivor of the raid, “it was like Baator itself fell on us. They were everywhere, destroying the boat, taking the parts. Flame shine on me, I’ve never been so scared in my life.” House Cannith and the Watch will provide a reward for information leading to the capture of those responsible.

Iggleriv and the Might of Droaam
By Biddlethumb Rhomblemouth, gentleman and scholar

After his departure from the jungles, Iggleriv the Proud knew that he needed companions, and companions mightier than those who had failed him in Q’Barra. In the city of Sharn, he found what he sought: a drunken fool, a dog named Aisha. With the merest hint of his supreme might, Iggleriv the Mighty reformed the dog-girl, providing her with the great strength and unending stamina necessary for her task as his stalwart defender. But even one so potent as Iggleriv needs more than one wolf at his side. To that end, Iggleriv the Awesome worked his art, creating a man of metal, capable of bearing a portion of his supreme will. Iggleriv named the golem-creature Flag, as he would be his vanguard and standard-bearer, displaying Iggleriv’s greatness for the world to behold.

But what is a man without a task to complete? Iggleriv knew that he could not display his greatness to the world without setting forth on a series of quests strong enough to break a lesser man, and all men are lesser in Iggleriv’s eye. To that end, he attracted a creature named Vallo, the first of many who would crawl to Iggleriv in search of succor. Vallo had proven himself unable to remove a clan of wretched humanoids from land that would be his, and so desired the strength of one so much greater than himself. Iggleriv nodded his mighty head in assent.

The merest wink of Iggleriv’s eye transported the band to Vallo’s land, a desolate rock outcropping barely fit for human occupancy. Happily, this mattered not to the sub-human vermin clustered there. Taking but a moment to survey the scene, Iggleriv the Wise concocted a plan so brilliant that all his companions fell to their knees in awe. The great one instructed his followers to slaughter the camp’s sentries in the night while he, brimming with terrifying powers, obliterated their brethren in the camp. The others chimed in, marveling at Iggleriv’s genius, and the plan was underway. The plan proceeded smoothly, of course: the sentries died silently and with a quiet sneeze, Iggleriv blasted a hole in the palisade wall. In rushed the great man’s disciples followed by blasts of his own raw power. Within moments, the bloodshed had ceased; Iggleriv the Master had crushed the foe utterly. Even the mightiest warriors among the sub-humans proved unable to more than inconvenience the Band of Iggleriv, and soon the camp was theirs.

However, disaster struck! Unnoticed, thousands of orcish warriors had surrounded the camp, prepared to lay down their lives in an effort to destroy Iggleriv. Iggleriv the All-Powerful shook his head in disgust at the foolishness of the children outside. There would be no battle here; there would only be a slaughter. Drawing for the first time upon his true might, Iggleriv called down fire and destruction from the skies, obliterating all the Droish warriors. All that remained was a single child, still upright despite her fear. Iggleriv smiled at the girl’s courage and blessed her with might sufficient to fight at his side as well. The girl forsook her old name and life, choosing to call herself Nevakri, which means “Glory to Iggleriv.” The Band of Iggleriv strode confidently away from the shattered wreckage of the camp and the burning corpses of its defenders. Today, all was well in the world.


Iggleriv and the Jungles of Q'Barra
By Biddlethumb Rhomblemouth, gentleman and scholar

We open with Iggleriv and his collected hangers-on, destined only to become extensions of his supreme magical might, in a dank, forgotten tomb, a remnant of the great and mighty Dakhaani empire. Our hero and his companions force their way through the tomb’s skeletal and magical guardians through a liberal application of Iggleriv’s fantastic power. Finally, the magical Iggleriv emerges victorious, his comrade Hien having sacrificed himself to allow Iggleriv to channel his power into another companion, who then struck the final blow.

However, once outside the tomb, Iggleriv found himself surrounded by a horde of raging kobolds! Though Iggleriv’s supreme mystic force could easily destroy the creatures, his companions would doubtless die in the assault. In his compassion, Iggleriv could not allow that to happen, and so permitted the foul dragonspawn to take him hostage. The kobolds returned him to their village, where, after witnessing the supreme sorcerer shattering the will of their weak god with a simple cantrip, they agreed to loose him from his bonds. Recognizing his awesome power, they went to their knees and begged him to free them from their thralldom to a mighty swamp monster. Iggleriv acquiesced, and left for the fens, bringing the creatures’ god along as a mere slave.

After meeting a ragged tribe of lizardmen who professed to be the creature’s allies, Iggleriv realized the pathetic kobolds had deceived him in order to strengthen their own position. In his rage, he allied himself with the lizardfolk to drive the creatures into the sea. However, the weakness of Iggleriv’s allies undermined his efforts: in their flailings, they nearly annihilated the lizardfolk and their arachnid allies. Iggleriv was forced to destroy them with his own hand and withdraw from the jungle, vowing to one day return…


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